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We are created by Almighty God-who has all supersonic power to make us blessed. Gender is also determined by him. Sometimes, a mother has to face questions raised by family and society when she gives birth a baby girl. There is, still, a dark part of the society where a baby boy is most expected though male person’s chromosome is scientifically responsible for determining the gender.

Few things that we must know about the reasons behind gender determination:

  • Father’s sex chromosome determines whether the baby is a girl or boy.
  • Half of the father’s sperm has the possibility of giving birth a baby boy and rest half for the baby girl.
  • A father contains XY Chromosomes whereas XX stands for a mother.
  • When Y chromosomes of a father gets to be connected with  mother’s chromosome , it makes up XY- a pair of sex chromosomes  that stands for a baby boy as a female person does have “X”  chromosome only .
  • Since women completely lack the Y chromosome, they always contribute an X chromosome to the baby.
  • The sex is determined by whether the sperm that fertilizes the egg is carrying another X or a Y. That means the gender of a baby is determined by father’s sex chromosome.

On a very serious note, mom or dad lives can affect the sex of their baby too.  A number of studies have suggested that factors like nutrition, wealth, and even where the parents live can affect the odds of having a boy or a girl.  But none of these effects is very large.

So, Gender of a baby is not a matter of debate .However, women have to face brutality ,very often, due to giving birth of a  baby girl  ,especially in those areas where taboos are so very much prominent  and of course ,to those society  where  the light of education can’t  get the entrance.

‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’ is a fairly broad term. It tends to refer to the sex chromosomes (XX: female, XY: female). Let’s accept the gender as much simple as possible because this world is being balanced by the presence of both male and female.